In AGENCY , ABECO DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, We respect the trust that our clients placed in us while using our websites, digital products, apps, tools and other services we provide both online and offline. This is why we tailored our privacy policy to help you understand everything related to the information we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it. We hope you read the document thoroughly and carefully. Kindly take time to read our privacy policy and if you have any questions contact us directly.


Information we collect

The information and personal data we collect are used to provide you better-customized services. We use this information to know your needs better and shape our products accordingly. It also helps us initiate more meaningful conversations during your website visit.

We collect information in two different ways:


Information you give to us

The information you provide us depends on the service you request and what you choose to provide. The types of information we collect directly from you may include, without limitation: Name, current city of location, telephone number and email address. By agreeing to our privacy policy terms, you commit to providing us with updated, complete and accurate information necessary for providing our services. You may provide us with this information through:


  • Using our online ordering forms

  • Live chat and contact us form

  • Customer care emails and numbers

  • Your communications and dealings with us

  • Other information collection methods.



Information we collect automatically:

We collect other information about your interaction with the website through cookies and other third parties. This information varies starting from your referral to our website, links you clicked, and how much time you spent surfing our website.


Cookies & similar technologies

Cookies are small text files that the website sends to your device (Computer, Tablet, Mobile) when you visit our website for the first time. And when you visit the website again, the server retrieves the cookie to help you operate more efficiently because it remembers things such as login, language, font size, and other display preferences so you don’t have to enter them every time.


Types of Cookies we use

  • First party cookies

  • Analytics cookies

  • Third party cookies

  • Information Our cookies collect

Our cookies will only collect and store the unique ID of a user as long as he’s logged in. This serves the purpose of enhancing the experience of the user throughout our website, only. It essentially falls under the category of First-Party, Necessary & Performance cookies to provide a better experience for users while applying for our services, for example.


Why and how we are using cookies

Cookies help us maintain a high website performance and functionality which enhances our visitors’ experience. They are only used for the stated purposes in the privacy statement and are never traded or discolored for other third parties unless this is a required step for our processes.


Cookies lifetime

A cookie lifetime is 24 hours. On our website, we use two different types of cookies. Session cookies that will only stay on your device until you stop browsing and persistent cookies stay on your computer or mobile device until they expire or are deleted.


Cookies and security

Cookies are not viruses, they are plain-text files that are completely safe and impose no threats on security as they can only be used to store information. It can not be self-executed or self- replicated. In ABECO DIGITAL SOTIONS, we use cookies as a website memory to recognize our visitors and respond to their actions in a more personalized way.


How you can manage cookies

You can always delete the cookie file by following these instructions. Go to your browsing application, settings, history, delete browsing history, cookies and other files and then delete. Although, we recommend keeping it for better usability on all of our websites.


Controls you have over your account

If you want to preview, edit or delete the information we collected from you through our services, you can contact us directly through the following Contact Us form. If you have any complaints regarding the way we use and perceive your information, you may refer it to us directly through

How we use the collected information

We use the data collected to better serve our clients and partners and operate our business in a more customer-centric way. For instance, all the provided details about the projects are saved to help us identify which industries. Also, we tailor our website information architecture based on the information we gather from our visitors’ interaction to provide a better user experience and more accessibility.


We can use the contact information you provided to keep you updated with the latest news that falls within the range of your interest and offer tailored content.


We keep a record of all the communication between you and ABECO DIGITAL SOLTIONS in order to provide a better service in the future and a more personalized experience in the present time.


We may use the information you provided us however, we will never use the information you provided for other purposes without your consent.


During our website development and enhancement process, we go through the analytics records and insights collected to check on the most important parts of the website to our users and enhance the overall user experience. Help us better understand your interests and needs, and improve the Services


Information security

We do our best to keep your information stored in our database safe from unauthorized access or disclosure by:


Restricting the access to this information to a limited number of our staff who are concerned with the project and in need for the access.


ABECO DIGITAL SOLTIONS promises to commit to implementing all technical and organizational procedures required to keep its clients’ data of any service safe from unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure.


Online analytics

In order to provide a better experience, we use third part web analytics services (e.g. Google analytics, Hubspot CRM) to collect and analyze the information related to our website visitors’ interactions including, without limitations, evaluating the usage of our services, noting the third websites referring to our website and analyzing usage trends. The information collected by the third part web analytics services are described in the cookies and similar technologies section. We may use analytics services with our email to collect information including, without limitations:


  • Open rate.

  • Opt-in rate.

  • Click through rates on content.

These information allows us to measure the effectiveness of our marketing and communication efforts by understanding our clients preferences.


When this policy applies

This policy applies to all of the services, tools, emails and all our communication method for all clients whom interacts with our team, contacts us, email us, visits our website or close a deal with us.


How long we keep your information

ABECO DIGITAL SOTIONS keeps information and data of clients for a period estimated to use these information for specific purposes. These information might be kept for a a lifetime by ABECO DIGITAL SOLTIONS for future communication and email marketing campaign addressed to clients. Our clients can unsubscribe at any time so we no longer can send email and the information shall be deleted by an earlier request from the client.



ABECO DIGITAL SOTIONS has the right at any time to review and improve the privacy policy and provide notification of any modifications in this section for you to periodically check it. We assume that your continued use of the service constitutes your acknowledgment of the modifications and your consent on the modified privacy policy. In case of material changes you shall be notified through the provided email address or by any means we perceive to be more appropriate. You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or its modifications through